Get Excited – Exciting Films Productions Just Completed the Upcoming All Female Driven Sports Drama/Thriller

“The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling”


Indie Filmmaker/Actor Carolin Von Petzholdt is never afraid to tackle the issues of how far some

women will go to achieve their dreams of working in films and TV. The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling is two stories in one—

first it reveals the sexism, hardships women wrestlers are subjected to, and then there is the story of one wrestler-trainer who has had enough and retaliates her revenge and as a result turns this film into a ‘horror genre’ with a Latina twist.


If you can find a more unusual horror flick this year, please, I would really like to know about it. The film’s setup may seem familiar, but the ingredients are definitely unique.


“For two European filmmakers to have come to the US and made a movie in classic American exploitation style is a phenomen achievement!”


“There’s a new movie, The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling, which might just offer an interesting take on the sports/ horror genre.”


To quote Crystal “Run Bitch, cause this is gonna be fun!” Hahah! Note to self, buy a swing set, apparently ladies like it!


“But what makes THE BOOM BOOM GIRLS remarkable is that it was done for a micro budget. This remarkable achievement even
undercut the micro-budget indie thriller El Mariachi by Robert Rodriguez (who, along with Tarantino, was one of the inspirations
for Von Petzholdt and Walldorf’s movie), made for $7k back in the 1990s.”
“The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling was released by Exciting Films Production and not only represents what can be accomplished with initiative and innovation, but also a unique spectacle of “sports horror” that is sure to appeal to audiences looking for something better than a franchise reboot.”
 “It’s a rare occasion that we see sports drama in horror or thrillers, so when I saw the Kickstarter campaign for award winning filmmaker
Carolin von Petzholdt’s The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling, I was really excited”
Inspired by true events, “The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling” tells the horrifying tale about 6 female athletic actresses who gets cast for being superhero’s on a wrestling show.

“From its opening shot to the very end “The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling” is a thrilling puzzle”

-A Fan –